My name is Rosie Valdez, I'm 18 years old and I am the choreographer for UNTAMED


Rosie Valdez grew up in a very strict household. She was an only child so all of her parents attention was on her and she didn’t really like that. They were just giving her the wrong kind of attention. Both of Rosie’s parents were perfectionists and they expected their daughter to be nothing but. No matter what Rosie did it had to be perfect or her parents would ignore her for days on end. The few times the girl messed up a dancing step or got a low mark on a test her parents would absolutely flip. They wouldn’t talk to her until she learned that she couldn’t make mistakes in this family. Rosie really just wanted to be happy and have loving parents but it was heard to do that when everything she was doing was wrong. There was always a flaw in everything she did, nothing was ever good enough. She was never good enough. Despite feeling like a failure most of the time Rosie is a very positive person. She always focuses on the good in things rather than the bad and tries her best not to worry about things. She’s very laid back and is perfectly happy staying indoors and watching movies all day instead of going out and partying with friends. She has a great sense of humor and has an adorable personality. 

Rosie always had a love for dancing. When the girl was only four she would make up her own little dances and teach them to other kids in her daycare. Although she would sometimes get into trouble for not focusing on what she was supposed to be doing, she never stopped. Rosie loved dancing and nothing could change that. At the age of six Rosie’s parents signed her up for a local dance class at her school. Rosie was having so much fun dancing that she never wanted to stop. Which she didn’t. As the years passed Rosie got better and better at what she was doing. All her effort went into her dancing. She didn’t have time for social outings or even a quick trip to the mall, she was much to focused. Dancing was the one thing her parents were proud of Rosie for. It seemed like dancing was the only thing the girl could do correctly in both her and her parents eyes. Rosie is pretty hard on herself because her parents taught her to be. She doesn’t accept her own mistakes and can often break down if she does something she shouldn’t have. Rosie thinks she needs to be perfect in order to succeed in life. She doesn’t want to be the failure she feared to turn into. Rosie applied for an arts based high school and was accepted. Rosie’s parents were pretty proud of her but they still thought she could do better. Rosie was a little bummed that they weren’t jumping with joy like she was but she knew they would be eventually.

At the end of grade 11 a group of people came to Rosie’s school in search for some back up dancers and choreographers for an up coming tour for unknown bands. Rosie was one of the only people who signed up from her school so the crew hired her as soon as she did. Rosie was excited to be on the road with the bands because it was her chance to finally show her parents how good she had become. She just hoped it would be good enough for them. Rosie packed up all her things and jumped on a tour bus, teaching fellow teens how to dance and how to look amazing on stage. 

After Untamed won Rosie thought her parents would be more proud of her, but they kept pushing her even harder because she’d come up with routines over the tour that had offended people. Her parents were hard on her because she didn’t have the maturity she needed to be doing the job. Suddenly there was pressure on her to go back to high school and all she wanted was to keep travelling the world with Untamed on their next tour. 


@dancervaldez: ”@wowwalters come over please, i’m lonely.”
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           w a l l i e w a l t e r s

Wallie and Rosie are quite close friends. Even though they don’t work together they spend a lot of time with each other. Rosie is always there to push Wallie to be brave because she knows he needs it, but she doesn’t know how to open herself up to him so that he can see that she isn’t perfect. 

          m e g a n c o n n e l y

Megan is probably the best dancer in Untamed, and possibly the sweetest person in the band. Rosie spends almost as much time with her as she does with Wallie, although her time with Megan might be more productive. Rosie loves using her to choreograph for the band because she knows that Megan will be able to keep up without extensive lessons. She’s pretty sure that Megan understands her and realizes the pressure on Rosie, but they don’t talk about it and that’s why Rosie likes spending time with her so much.

Rosie Valdez is portrayed by Chachi Gonzales and is taken.

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